Solo Baston – Developing Striking Power key to developing real power in striking is good body mechanics – coordinating the arms and hands with the rest of the body and moving everything as an integrated whole. Ideally, the hands should be kept broadly in front of the chest, with power being generated by the movement of the hips, which are, in turn, driven by the legs.

Most people do this by using a structure that is basically the same as that of a boxer; pivoting on the front foot to turn in with the forehand strike. However, doing this with a stick tends to force the body to slightly over-rotate and expose the right side of the head to counter attacks, which (owing to the over-rotation) are particularly difficult to defend.

Rather than pivot off the front leg, I prefer to use the back leg. This means that the front of the body stays much squarer to the opponent and makes counters much more easy to defend. It also fits well with my general footwork and striking pattern.

Check out the video in the link above and let me know what you think. 😀

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