Pick 1 to 1

This is a super important technique to learn. It allows you to avoid your opponent’s block and land a solid angle1 strike.

I also demonstrate the 3 to 12 version.

Leg Attacks

An opponent’s legs are a great target, whether you look at it from a “longest weapon, nearest target” point of view, or simply from the fact that he carries his stick in his hand, do it is a lot easier for him to use it to defend his upper body.

Here are 2 great leg attacks that I have used with great success in competitions and whilst sparring.

Pick 1 to 4

I love this combination!

A pick is a feint. It draws out a particular defence from your opponent and then goes elsewhere, exploiting the gaps that the opponent has left.

In this particular pick I convince my opponent that I am going to thrust to his head, but when he defends his head I attack his knees.